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Drug Trafficking Attorney in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Sulphur Springs Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

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Drug felonies are serious crimes with serious consequences. The attorney you choose can play a crucial role in the outcome of your case. At the law firm of Martin Braddy Attorney at Law, you will rest assured that you have a highly capable lawyer who is doing everything possible to avoid or reduce the penalties you face.

As a former prosecutor for 16 years, I know what you are up against. It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer now if you believe you are under investigation for drug-related criminal activity. From the moment the police contact you, there is the potential for you to make numerous mistakes that could cost you your freedom.

Contact me for a strong defense if you or someone you care about is facing any of the following types of drug charges:

  • Drug trafficking

  • Cash seizure

  • Drug manufacturing

  • Intent to distribute

  • Felony drug possession

Skilled Legal Guidance

I have the knowledge and experience necessary to analyze your case and identify any missteps on the part of law enforcement. This is the most effective way to have a charge reduced or dismissed. I can assist you with charges related to any type of drug, including:

  • Marijuana

  • Methamphetamine (meth)

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

Cash Seizure

A cash seizure charge is different than other criminal charges because, even though it falls under the criminal statutes, it results in a civil lawsuit. The rights you have in a typical criminal case do not apply. You do not have the right to remain silent or the right to an attorney upon arrest, for example. It is extremely important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to make sure your rights are protected. If the police have seized your money, contact me now.

Arrested While Traveling Through Texas?

If you are from out of state, I can represent you. Many of my clients are traveling through Texas when they suddenly find themselves facing drug charges. We may be able to communicate electronically, without the need for you to come back to Texas.

Call to arrange a free initial consultation if you are searching for a defense attorney in Sulphur Springs for drug trafficking or other drug-related felony charges.